Health & Safety

“ECWS has placed, and will continue to place, safety education, government regulatory compliance, environmental management and service rig safety, as the highest priorities.”

By stressing safety and environmental training at all employment levels, ECWS hopes to instill in our people a sense of pride in providing a safe and environmentally secure work place. It is our belief that the employer, employee, customer and supplier personnel must work together to reduce accidents inour industry. Safety and environmental excellence can only be achieved through careful planning and active participation among all these stakeholders.
We continue to work on our environmental responsibility that extends above and beyond the minimum requirements of the industry and government regulatory agencies. We continue to promote the efficient use and responsible disposal of rig-site waste materials and operate fuel-efficient, low-emission and noise-reduced equipment.

Safetey Committee

The objective of the Safety Committee is to develop the program design plans and the specific budgets to carry out these programs. Meeting these objectives is paramount to our strategic mission of how we carryout our services with our customers and is chaired by the Chief Executive Officer of the Company. The strategy design is to reward employees for performance improvement in the following categories:

  • Meeting personal safety goals
  • Reduction of area OSHA incident rate vs. historic averages
  • Elimination of area OSHA recordable injuries
  • Manage an effective back-to-work program in each area for all light duty employees
  • Reduction of area vehicle incident rate vs. historic averages
  • Elimination of area preventable Vehicle accidents
  • Improve the overall rating within IS Networld and PEC Premier