Eastern Colorado Well Service, LLC

Safety Policy


Safety, Health and Environmental responsibility are of paramount importance to the Company. The Company will strive to conduct its business in such a way as to provide for the safety and health of its employees, contractors and all other persons who may be affected by its operations. The Company will further to endeavor to conduct all of its operations in an environmentally responsible manner.



  • To set and maintain high standards of safety, health and environmental responsibility by adhering to established oilfield practices that provide for safe and environmentally responsible workplace and operations.
  • To maintain these standards by adhering to the relevant legal requirements.
  • To provide opportunities for all employees to discuss matters of safety, health and environment and to provide them with effective communications and training.
  • To monitor and respond to customers, Third Party and public concerns about our operations.
  • To plan and conduct our operations while giving priority to safety, health and environmental considerations.
  • To promptly advise the appropriate governmental officials, employees, customers and the public of significant industry-related safety, health and environmental hazards and to recommend appropriate protective measures.
  • To provide at all times a safe and environmentally responsible workplace for all persons who may be affected by work operations of the Company.
  • To counsel our customers, transporters and others in the safe use, transportation and disposal or our waste materials and to resolve problems created by handling and disposal of hazardous substances for our operations.
  • To participate with government and others in the legislative and regulatory process to safeguard the workplace and the environment.
  • To ensure that all employees understand their responsibilities and attend them with reasonable care.